Sherry Hale is a CPCP Certified artist and SPCP trainer member. She specializes in dermal pigmentation, skin analysis and treatments. She is the owner and founder of Custom Beaute in Western New York where she provides daily treatments and has a successful clinic. She founded Custom Beautech so that she could share her experiences and success with equipment and products that would help her fellow artists find their own success.

Sherry Hale, Master Trainer

As Western New York’s preeminent Cosmetic Micropigmentation artist, Hale is often called upon to repair extensive damage done by underqualified and unsafe technicians, or to offer solutions for clients struggling with hair loss for medical reasons such as chemotherapy or alopecia. Sherry’s commitment to helping others has garnered the attention of notable publications such as Good Housekeeping, Red Book, and Woman’s Day, who have heralded the work she has done at her clinic, Custom Beaute, a division of the SHALE enterprise.

Performing over 3500 eyebrow procedures, she takes great pride in her work helping others, and sees an average of 35 clients a week in addition to running her companies.

Sherry excels as a technician and a trainer/educator, honing skills gained by studying with Masters of the craft around the world. As a product of her commitment to excellence, Sherry has become a Master herself and enjoys passing these skills on to the next generation of Cosmetic Micropigmentation artists in her new role as a New York State licensed educator.

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